A computer coach in Dubai

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Mouse Coach offers you individual and group trainings, or website creation but also a support for better control social networks


The concept of Mouse Coach is to:

  • Assist you in mastering your computer
  • Support with project management: website creation, visibility on social networks …
  • be independent and confidence in computer management

Power Point, Excel, Word.. These software still hold secrets from you that you really would like to unveil?

Following 20 years of loyal PC use, did your children convince you to buy a Mac and you need help?

You want to create you internet website but you do not know where to start from?

You dread social networks yet despite they are almost unavoidable today?

Mouse Coach is here to help you, on a one time basis or over a period of time, to solve all the problems that you might encounter from the use of your computer, the website creation and social networks.

Be it for personal or professional reasons, we often underutilize our computers, thus not taking advantage of all the available features because of our lack of confidence in their functions.

A little help is sometimes enough, and that is precisely what Mouse Coach offers, with its group or individual workshops that can be tailored to your specific needs and also in the website creation and social networks.